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The 270 Sessions

What are they?

The 270 Sessions are a series of albums produced by Productions Le Lab at the historic Studio 270 in Montreal, home to a wide range of artists including the Cowboys Fringants, René Lussier and La Strade over the last 30 years. For more information on Studio 270, keep reading!

The production centre: the building is a creative space where artists will find everything they need at their disposal, so they can work in the best possible conditions. Artists will find a space they can truly make their own, with a recording studio stocked with the best equipment and supported by complete production team (production/technical/communications).

The Studio 270 can also produce various digital media during recording sessions: photographs, videos, web content, podcasts, etc…

What sets us apart

Our artistic direction is defined by a constant search for an authentic Montreal sound, characterized not only by instrumental excellence but also by an original approach, from jazz and its “cousins” to the blues and world music…

In this age of DIY, basement studios and mp3 ultra compression, the 270 Sessions are above all about production quality, bring together creativity, patience and great sound.

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