Jazzamboka, a contraction of the word “jazz” and “yamboka” (which means village / country in Lingala, Congolese language). This group is called and defined as being the jazz of the village / country, and it is precisely in this perspective that they perceive and compose their music.

The group, made up of five Quebec members, two of whom are of Congolese origin, does not get locked into the conventional structure of jazz. Musicians prefer to exploit their many musical resources from different musical styles such as hip-hop, soukous, be-bop, funk, rock, electronic music and many others, including of course Central African music. .

THE MUSICIANS: Emile Farley, Bass / Julien Fillion: Saxophone / Félix Leblanc: Keyboard / Elli Miller-Maboungou: Ngoma (drums from the Congo) / Noel Mpiaza: Drums

Booking & Media Contact:  Marianne Laugel – Productions Le Lab